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What Your Life Could 
Look Like Without Stress, Anxiety, and Overwhelm.

You're Smart, Successful, and Generous.
You Have it All Together.
You're the Rock Everyone Counts On!
Secretly, on the inside, you know you're
feeling stressed out, anxious, overwhelmed.
You say yes when you want to say no
and that something has to give. 
I'm here to tell you, it's possible.
Life can feel as good (or even better!)
on the inside as it looks on the outside.

1:1 Sessions


From Surving to Thriving

Wouldn’t it be great if having a strong spiritual center could help you lose weight? Or if being in the right career could have a positive effect on your relationships? What if you could finally give up that feeling that you have to do everything, for everyone, all the time.  All these things are not just possible; they happen every day! But when one area of your life is out of balance, it can affect every aspect of your life, including your health, relationships and goals.


That’s why we don’t just look at one area of your life; we take on everything and, one step at a time, we work on getting your physical and mental health, career, friendships, family life, emotions, spirituality, creativity and so much more all working harmoniously together.


Elevating your wellness is the greatest gift you can give yourself, and to everyone around you. When you decide to give yourself this gift, you are making a commitment to change your life and shift from surving to thriving. You will be able to show up for you and for those you love in a whole new way. 


I don’t promise it will be quick, or even easy, but it will be worth every minute.

Are you ready to elevate your wellness?


Hi, I'm Joelene

I support women, like you, to transition from stress, anxiety, and overwhelm into clarity, confidence, and ease and create the life they desire.

I know from real-life knowledge, and experience, that comes from working with hundreds of smart, caring, and successful women, that it's time for a new approach.

Transformation—the deep change I seek for you—can only happen when we work somatically and holistically. Not just the mind. Or just the body. Or just achieving goals. Or just processing emotions. But working with the WHOLE person.


Through my unique blend of yoga, meditation, coaching, and energy healing practices I have helped women connect with the entirety of their being - body, mind, and spirit - and in doing so have created lasting change in their relationships, health, career, and finances.  

Jumpstart Your Wellness Journey

Book a Free Transformation Call

Let's talk about:

Where you are.

Where you want to be.

How I can support you with that.

Feeling the Love

Working with Joelene has changed me.

Her ability to help me understand, know and trust myself more has shifted how I show up in my life, relationships and work. 

Daphne Reed

Joelene is a true healer and has made a world of difference regarding my physical and emotional personal growth. She is a spiritual soul with expertise on healing generational traumas to create space for self love.

Coralee Ruttan

Being in Joelene's classes I can feel the tension melt away and feel my breath again.  As a mom with 3 children, all with Autism, finding a space for me to focus on my own wellness is critical so I can show up more focused and present for my kids, Joelene's provided that.

Jennifer Mason

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