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Not Sure Who You Are Anymore?
I help you Find Her.

Can We Talk?

Let's be real - you don't feel like a mid-lifer but definitely are not trying to turn the clock back to your 20's or 30's.


As Gen X women we are the first generation expected to have and do it all,

while being grateful for all our options and not complain about how hard and impossible it all is. 

If you are like a lot of us, you are probably feeling exhausted, frustrated, worried, maybe even angry at times and dealing with symptoms of perimenopause. Between work, family, and aging parents you have very little “me time” all while  feeling like your life, body, and emotions are out of control.

You want to feel like yourself again, but you don't even know who she is anymore. 

You want to wake up in the morning feeling rested, mentally clear and focused, excited about the day,

confident,  purposeful, and in control of your own life.

I hear you, loud and clear.

I was you.

Hi! I'm Joelene.

Welcome to My Life

Five years ago, life floored me.

I was anxious, lost ALL my confidence, became incredibly forgetful, irritable, gained weight, and was so tired most days that I could hardly function.  I didn't know what was happening or how to navigate it.


From my first period to having a partial hysterectomy at age 36, every month, my life was directed by my body's reaction to hormonal fluctuations. Not having a period to tract did not change my ability to tune in and experience the changes happening.

These symptoms impacted my family and work life massively. 


If this resonates, I hear you, I have been there done that…AND come out the other side brighter, happier and more content than ever before.

I am on a mission to help other GenX women who feel ready to embrace this time as a period to redefine, release, and reset their values, goals, and desires and live the best chapter of their life yet! 

I am absolutely committed to raising awareness of the once taboo subject of perimenopause, and women's wellness, this is why I now coach, support, and educate women about how perimenopause can affect them and ways to take charge and become the authors of the next chapter in thier life. 

This Stuff Needs to be Talked About
Helping you to shift from surviving to thriving during
 perimenopause is part of my purpose.

Perimenopause can be a time of enormous change. We can struggle to cope with the feelings that come with the hormonal changes happening in our bodies.

I know many women who didn’t know they were going through the perimenopause because they have not been educated about the symptoms. Like most of us it comes as a complete shock. Our bodies change, our emotions and minds seem out of control, we question our life choices and wonder if it's worth it all or is this all there is?


And it is also a time of life when when we can reemerge, stronger and with more vibrancy and passion than before. We have to be willing to embrace the process. It can be a tough one but the rewards on the ‘other side’ can be wonderful. 

Our 30s and 40s don't need to a time for slowing down and accepting things are the way they are from now on, it can be the perfect time to focus on living how YOU WANT.

It’s Time To Get Intentional And Design The Rest Of Your Life Your Way.
Let’s do it with courage,  joy, and a dash of sass!

A Little About Me

  • I am 46 years young 

  • I had a hysterectomy when I was 36 years old and will never be 100% certain when I'm postmenopausal.

  • I believe passionately in the potential within women.

  • Soon to be Menopause Specialization Coach Certified to support you even better!

  • I love to travel...anywhere, anytime!

  • I did my first headstand on my Stand Up Paddle board at 45! 

  • I love being in nature (especially on or near water!), being active, keeping fit, and cooking.

  • I am currently living in the beautiful Okanagan in B.C., Canada and am starting a new adventure after leaving my marriage in 2023.

  • I am a life long learner and self development junkie!

  • I am an introvert INFJ who also loves to be around people (The struggle's real!)

  • I worked in the social non-profit field for 15 years supporting women, children and youth.

  • I have two amazing children, 21 and 23, who make me proud everyday with their kindness and wisdom.

  • I put my learnings and life experience to good use by supporting other women. This feels like MY PURPOSE.

  • I can’t wait to connect with you on your journey…

Qualifications & Trainings


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Trauma Center

Trauma Sensitive Yoga

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Meditation Teacher


Coming Soon! 

Menopause Specialization Coach

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