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How I went from stressed, anxious & sick to taking control of my own health and helping women, like you, do the same.

Before all of this, and where I am today, there was a woman who said yes too much, gave more than she had, and put herself, health, dreams and goals on the back burner.

Until one day....she couldn't anymore.


In Sickness & Health There Are Gifts

It all started in my early 20's. A young mom of two young children, several years of untreated postpartum depression and anxiety, a big and unwanted relocation of the family to a small rural town, and a year of walking pneumonia, with no answers from doctors on how to heal from it. 


Inside I was stressed out, anxious, overwhelmed, living in a fog, not sleeping, having intrusive thoughts, and feeling physical pain every day. Yet to everyone, but my husband who knew the truth, I looked happy, active, and healthy, I was a "go-getter" and thriving.   

I was a master at living behind a great fake smile and "I'm fine."


Until I couldn't anymore.


After rounds of appointments with doctors and being told "all the tests came back normal", I knew I was on my own. I had to find a way to heal myself. Become me again. 

What I could have never known was how this would forever and profoundly change my life and take me on a journey of not only my self-discovery and healing but change the lives of hundreds of others. 

I found Reiki.

I found yoga.

I found meditation.


Slowly adding them into my day, I began to feel myself breathing again, I slept better, ate more, the fog started to clear, and the pain was manageable and sometimes even gone. 


I knew I was on to something, I was hooked and I wanted to know more.

This led to years of practice, studying, training, and certifications in Reiki, yoga, meditation, bodywork, intuitive healing, and finding my unique ability to intuitively know how physical, mental, and emotional issues were interconnected to each other on a much deeper level of the subconscious and affecting the body. 

Disovering my Dharma

I knew my lifes purpose was to help other women discover the ability to experience profound healing that honoured thier unique journey.

I discovered I was a highly intuitive and sensitive person.

I discovered I had a gift for listening and knowing exactly what the body, mind, and spirit needed to feel strong, vibrant, alive and connected again.

I discovered I could see the subconcious beliefs in the body and mind creating pain and dis-ease.

I learned how to use a very specific mediation technique to shift, release and change those beliefs and download new core beliefs that were more aligned.


Living two lives

Being a "yes girl" I tried to fulfill this calling while also giving into others' expectations of what my employment should look like and what "real work" was. This led to living two very different lives at the same time for years, while also being the primary parent of two (now young adult) children with a spouse who worked away from home half the year. 


One life was working a highly stressful 9-5 job in the non-profit social health field, in rural and remote northern communities supporting women, children, and youth, first as a front-line worker, then on a senior management team. Following a very rigid structure of business with government contracts, reporting, budgets, deadlines, and union regulations. 

The second life was spending evenings and weekends emersed in another world filled with peace and blissfullness creating my own business. Working with women 1:1 in energy healing sessions, teaching yoga and meditation classes, and offering intuitive healing and bodywork sessions at company retreats and wellness conferences.  

Eventually burning the proverbial candle at both ends was all too much, I couldn't do it all anymore.  I gave up my dream of building a business and focused on the 9-5 job that brought in a steady paycheck for my family, as it was expected I should do.

After too many years of living with those feelings again of the chronic stress and anxiety with sleepless nights, looping thoughts, the guilt of never getting enough done, exhaustion, physical pain, emotional shutdown, significant weight gain, dreading going to work and crying way too many mornings, not knowing how I was going to get through the day, I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, anxiety, and C-PTSD.


Ironically, this was also when my career was taking off and I was bringing in over a million dollars to the non-profit agency in new contracts, expanding services exponentially for women and families, growing and leading a team of staff, and navigating the constant changes of leadership.


Outwardly I portrayed a calm, capable, confident person that was thriving in her field.

Inside, I was a mess and didn't know how I was going to get through most days. 


One day I knew. This was it. 

I was in my 40's.   

I had a choice to make. 


Stay in the 9-5 and learn to live with the stress, anxiety and

knowledge I gave up my dreams, passions, gifts, and self to meet others' expectations.




Take one of the biggest risks I'd ever taken and quit to build

a company of my dreams and help the women I knew I was meant to help. 

         I chose me.

         I chose you. 


I've never regretted that choice.


Empowered Growth


My work is a unique blend of holistic practices, the science of yoga, meditation, and the energy healing of Reiki, and Theta Healing. 

By teaching groups and working 1:1, I help women, like you, learn to take back control of their wellness and life. 


I'm not perfect. I still have some wildy crap days.  Now, I just know they won't last and how to move through them with more grace and ease (and sometimes a really bad solo living room dance party!).

If you've made it this far. Thank you. 


I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. 


Let's Connect

If you'd like to start your wellness journey book a FREE 30 Minute Transformation Call! Together we can discuss your history, your current obstacles, where you'd like to see yourself, and how I can support you.  Your healthy vibrant future is ahead of you, and it all starts with just one free call! 

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